Colombia Nariño, friskristet kaffe

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 Endnu en lækker kaffe fra Colombia.

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  • SCA Score: 84,25
  • Smagsprofil: Blød rund krop,  chokolade, nødder og søde frugtige bær.
  • Crop: 2022/23
  • Excelso EP 
  • Fuldt vasket arabica



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FARM/COOP/STATION: Small hold farmers Taguas

VARIETAL: Castillo Colombia





REGION: Nariño





Denne kaffe

The state of Nariño is located in the southwestern part of Colombia, where the Andes Mountains run parallel to the Pacific Ocean. This region is known for its volcanic activity. Here, over centuries five volcanoes have created outstanding rich soils. These fertile mountain ranges are home to smallholder farms in some of the highest altitudes in the world, allowing the beans to develop slowly over time. The high altitudes of Nariño enable a gradual maturing process with hot temperatures throughout the day and very cold temperatures at night. Nariño’s coffee farmers have managed to establish a reputation known for reliable coffee quality. Only ripe cherries are carefully handpicked and collected at the washing station.

The varying altitudes and microclimates generated by the rivers and mountain ranges split the state so that the harvest takes place two times per year compared to other coffee-producing countries. This „Las Taguas“ coffee is characterized by the typical high quality, complex cup profile from Narño, combining intense and fruity acidity with chocolate notes.

Coffee in Colombia

Colombia has been producing and exporting coffee that are renowned or their full body, bright acidity and rich aftertaste, since the early 19th century. Thanks to its wide range of locations, climates and altitudes Colombia can meet demand for coffee throughout the whole year.

Colombia boasts a wide range of climates and geographic conditions that, in turn, produce their own unique flavors in coffee. This wide range of climates also means that harvest times can vary quite a bit. In fact, between all its different regions, Colombia produces fresh crop nearly all year round.

Besides its wide variety of cup profiles, Colombia has grown very quickly over the last ten years in certified coffee. Most common certifications one could find are Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance, UTZ and Organic.

The increasing focus on the specialty industry is changing the way traders and farmers do business. It is becoming more common for farmers to isolate the highest quality beans in their lots to market separately. These higher quality lots are often sold under specific brands or stories.



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